About Us

FLE Learning provides professional consultancy, face-to-face expert onsite training (via workshops, seminars, lectures and CPD courses), as well as e-learning training through the provision of specialist online courses. FLE also ventures to provide a common platform for educational institutes, governments organisations and law firms to discuss key issues and developments in the area of law, business and economics by participating in conferences and seminars. 

Due to globalisation it has become prerequisite for organisations, professionals and educational institutes to come together to share their thoughts, research and new developments to shape-up their future strategy and goals. FLE is dedicated to provide training to public and private sector officials and legal sector with the most up-to-date conferences, seminars, workshops and CPD Courses, which are critical to the development of a professional competitive edge.

FLE (previously known as 'FLE Legal Education') was established in 2005 as the foremost provider of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) in the Indian Sub-Continent, which was commenced in November 2005 with the support of the Law Society of England and Wales and British High Commissioner, New Delhi. QLTT was conducted in India by FLE in conjunction with the Central Law Training (CLT), UK and its successful completion allows practicing Indian lawyers to be admitted on the Roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. With the vision of FLE, this programme was launched in India for the convenience and ease of the Indian Lawyers to take this test while sitting back in their home country.