Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title               9th Academic International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 
Conference Dates            13th-15th August 2018
Deadline for Abstract      16th July 2018
Venue                                 University of Oxford, The Queen's College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Updated on 21st July 2018

1.       Ms. Ruth Angel Cetro, Student Researcher, Lorma Colleges Basic Education Schools, Poverty of Affection and Solidarity: Examination of Children in Orphanage. Co-Author(s): Deo Montalla; Rhaycy Cabanela; Moira Gonzalez; Jastine Oliva; and Majela Tabadero

2.       Ms. Anuska Mohapatra, Student, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Climate Change is poised to become the most massive human rights violation the world has ever seen. 

3.       Dr. Mohammed Abul Khair, Associate Professor, Albaha University, Measuring Service Quality at Public Hospital Case Study of King Fahd Hospital Albaha, Saudi Arabia. 

4.       Dr. Olatunle Matthew Ayodele, Chief Lecturer, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Effect of Human Resource Development on the Performance of Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Dr. Ikupolati Alexander Oluwadare

5.       Dr. Athicha Chimpalee, Lecturer, Ramkhamhaeng University, The Influence of Resource Based - Views on Real Estate Business Performance in Bangkok : A case study of Condominium. Co-Author(s): Asst.Prof. Dr. Prayong Meechaisue

6.       Ms. Anjum Ubaid Siddiqui, Phd Student, Aligarh Muslim University, Financial Inclusion in India : A Catalyst for Sustainable Economic Growth. 

7.       Dr. Obi Okonkwo, Head of Department, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, The Impact of Law on Environmental Security and Nigerian Development: The Way Forward. 

8.       Mr. Ayhan Dolunay, Lecturer and PhD Candidate, Near East University, The Infrastructural Problems and Feasibility of IT Law in North Cyprus: Determinants and Recommendations for Cyber Crimes. Co-Author(s): Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan, Professor/Chairperson, Near East University

9.       Dr. Sumayya Chughtai, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University Islamabad, Financial Reporting Quality and the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Pakistan. Ms. Asma Sarfraz

10.   Mr. Bilal Muhammad Yaseen, Lecturer, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A Case of Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Fateh Muhammad Khan

11.   Dr. Ahmad Raza Bilal, Associate Professor, Superior University Lahore, Economic Activities are Beneficial for Economies But Challenge for Environment: An Empirical Investigation on the Background of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Co-Author(s): Tehreem Fatima

12.   Prof. Solomon Anadili Moses Ekwenze, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Admin), Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Security Faliure, Regional Consciousness and Economic Integration In Nigeria: Charting a Legal Course for Igbo Renaissance. 

13.   Dr. Julie Kate Seirlis, Lecturer, St Paul's University College, New Constitutions: Culture and the Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa. 

14.   Mr. Mokolade Johnson, Lecturer, University of Lagos, Impact of Physical Characteristics on Comfort and Well-Being in Selected Neighborhoods of Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Dr. Anthony C.O.IWEKA

15.   Dr. Kasim Yusuf, Senior Lecturer, Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Effect of Livelihood Assets on the Well-Being of Rural Households in Northern Nigeria. 

16.   Mr. Sultan Adal Mehmood, Student, Putra Business School, Counterproductive work behaviour in response to organisational justice: A conservation of resources perspective. Co-Author(s): Dr. Devika Nadarajah, Senior Lecturer

17.   Dr. Muhammad Naveed, Associate Professor, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, New Insights into Dividend Policy: A Customized and Dynamic Sectoral Analysis. Co-Author(s): Munawar Hussain, Finance Scholar

18.   Mr. Nelson Da Cruz, Associate Professor, Law University - Lisbon New University, The economic, financial and tax investigation of transnational criminal organizations on EU. Co-Author(s): Dr. José Fontes, Professor

19.   Prof. Murad A Bein, Assistant Professor, Cyprus International University, Analysing the Time-Varying Interrelationships among the Balkan, Developed European and US Stock Markets. 

20.   Dr. Muhammad Siddique, Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences, Linking High Performance Work Systems and Performance: The Role of Relational Coordination in the Banking Sector of Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Zahoor Khan

21.   Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Assistant Professor, University of Delhi, Celebrity Endorsement in Surrogate Advertising: Leaving Footprints on Consumers. 

22.   Ms. Kazuko Deno, Doctoral Student, Kwansei Gakuin University, Some Characteristics of Japanese relationship marketing and value co-creation: A case study of Nescafe Ambassador. 

23.   Dr. Hazlina Shaik Md Noor Alam, Senior Lecturer, National University Malaysia, Whistleblowing as A Means to Fulfilling Moral Obligations in Corporate Governance. 

24.   Ms. Gaurangi Sharma, Student, National Law University Nagpur, Owner of a human body- Person or Law?

25.   Mr. Muhammad Hassan Idrees, Student, Canterbury Christ Church University, Appraising the Role of Lender of Last Resort: A Comprehensive Study of Federal Reserves, Bank of England and State Bank of Pakistan. 

26.   Prof. Doohwan Won, Associate Professor, Pusan National Unviersity, Analysis on Tourism Demand of Inbound Visitors to Las Vegas. Co-Author(s): Dr. Jaewon Lim, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

27.   Mr. Salman Farooq, Phd Student, International Islamic University Islamabad, The Theories of Punishments in Islamic and Western Legal thoughts : A Comparative Study. 

28.   Mr. Vaibhav Parmar, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Crypto currency and its future in India. 

29.   Prof. Richard Shambare, Associate Professor, University of Venda, Paradigm Wars Revisited: The Place of Realism in Business Management Research. 

30.   Dr. Gavin Price, Senior Lecturer, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Guess who’s looking: The effects of anticipated audience on self-presentation behaviour. Co-Author(s): Thomas Jackson

31.   Dr. Gavin Price, Senior Lecturer, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Competitive advantage and partnerships: Business model design within multi-sided platform firms. Co-Author(s): Neil Sinclair; and Simon Swanich

32.   Mr. Muhammad Ahmad, Student, University of Central Punjab, The relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability in the automobile sector: A case of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Co-Author(s): Mr. Muhammad Salman, Student; and  Dr. Osman Khan, Associate Professor

33.   Ms. Sadeeqa Khan, Assistant Professor, University of the Punjab-PUCIT, Personality as a Predictor of Knowledge Hiding Behavior: Case Study of Alpha Electronics. Co-Author(s): Dr. Muhammad Usman, Assistant Professor

34.   Ms. Priyanshi Shah, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, The potential of social media in talent hunt in Indian markets. 

35.   Ms. Nishi Shah, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Feasibility Of Social Media Marketing In Branded International Apparel In India. 

36.   Mr. Raj Panpaliya, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Consumer Perception About Social Media Marketing In Indian Textile Industry. 

37.   Dr. Deepshikha Agarwal, Associate Professor, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Bearing the Brunt of Intentional Criminalization: An Unending story of stigma and dilemma of the DNT in India. 

38.   Ms. Alicia Cho, Student, North London Collegiate School Jeju, The Effects of Ambient Scent on the Mall Shoppers Behavior. 

39.   Ms. Marcela Cardenas, Student, Catholic University of Colombia, Characteristics of filicidal women. Co-Author(s): Luis Orlando Jimenez. Additional Paper Accepted: Filicide offense by men and women: A systematic review

40.   Dr. Shaker Bani-Melhem, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah, Exploring Antecedents of Employee Turnover Intention – Evidence of five star hotels in Dubai. 

41.   Ms. Saima Nazeer, Intern, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Islamabad, Determinants of child activities; Work, schooling and idleness in rural areas of Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Dr. Jehangir Khan

42.   Dr. Shivani Goswami, Associate Professor, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Surrogate Motherhood: A Human Rights Desecration in Context of Surrogacy in India. 

43.   Dr. Sumayya Chughtai, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, Financial Reporting Quality and the Cost of Equity Capital. Co-Author(s): Ms. Asma Sarfraz; and  Dr.Kausar Fiaz Khawaja

44.   Mr. Hyeong-Tae Kim, Ph.D Candidate, Pusan National University, Structural Breaks on Volatility Spillovers between Crude Oil and East Asian Stock Markets: Using the DECO-GARCH Model. Co-Author(s): Seong-Min Yoon

45.   Ms. Marina Tolkacheva, Phd Student, Harbin Institute of Technology, Triple Helix revisited: can the involvement of Diaspora enhance technology innovation performance in emerging African economies? Co-Author(s): Dr Wei Wei Wu, Professor; and Dr Kinfe Tsegay Beyene, Professor

46.   Dr. Chia-Lin Lee, Assistant Professor, National Chengchi University, An Investigation regarding Co-branded Service Alliances. 

47.   Dr. Salah Taher AL Haj, Vice Chancellor, University of Sharjah, Challenges of Implementing ISO9000 (2015) in government departments in the United Arab Emirates. 

48.   Prof. Vladimir Moiseev, Professor, Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University, Russia can not become The Country of Prosperity. Co-Author(s):  SN Glagolev, Rector

49.   Dr. Mohamed Salem Abou El Farag, Assistant Professor, Qatar University, Utility Models: The Need for Protection in Qatar.  

50.   Dr. Hasnah Hasnah, Associate Professor, Universitas Andalas, Factors Influencing Farmers’ Adoption of Cacao-Cattle Integration System in West Sumatra. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Dwi Yuzaria, Senor Lecturer; and Rini Hakimi, Lecturer

51.   Mr. Mohamed Muse Hassan, MBA Student, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Consumer Trust and Online Payment Options: Determinants of E-Commerce in the Least Developed Countries.  

52.   Mrs. Bincy Kaluvilla, Senior Lecturer, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Indigenous Tourism –An Ideal Sustainable Tourism Model for Idukki, Kerala.  

53.   Dr. Vladimir Moiseev, Professor, Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University, The Phenomenon of China: Components of Success. Co-Author(s): Mariya Karelina - Professor

54.   Dr. Muhammad Ahmad-ur-Rehman, Assistant Professor, National Textile University, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Perceived Justice and Customer Loyalty in Service Failure and Recovery Context: Mediating Effect of Customer Affection. Co-Author(s): Asghar Ali

55.   Dr. Athicha Chimpalee, Lecturer, Ramkhamhaeng University, The Influence of resource Based-Views on Real Estate Business Performance in Bangkok : A Case study of Condominium.  

56.   Dr. Sabah FADEL, Assistant Professor, University of  Algiers -3, The impact of R & D on Economic Growth: An Empirical Study of the case of Algeria (1990 -2014). Co-Author(s): Dr.Sabrina TAKOUCHE , Dr.Khaled ROUASKI and Dr. Badreddine TALBI

57.   Dr. Sabrina TAKOUCHE, Assistant Professor, University of  Algiers 3, The Impact of the Information Society on the Development of the E-Financial and E-Banking Activity. Co-Author(s): Dr.Sabah FADEL , Dr. Badreddine TALBI and Dr.Khaled ROUASKI

58.   Dr. Sabrina TAKOUCHE, Assistant Professor, University of Algiers 3, The Impact of the Information Society on the Development of the E-Financial and E-Banking Activity. Co-Author(s): Dr.Sabah FADEL , Dr. Badreddine TALBI and Dr.Khaled ROUASKI

59.   Dr. Yan WenYan, Researcher, Kyunghee University, A Study on the effect of tourism industry service providers’ Rapport Building Behavior on Relationship Quality and Loyalty.  

60.   Dr. Park MiJeong, Researcher, Kyunghee University, A Study on the effect of tourism industry service providers’ Rapport Building Behavior on  Relationship Quality and Loyalty. Co-Author(s): Dr. YooShik Yoon ,Professor; Dr. WenYan Yan, Researcher; YuBin Sue, Researcher

61.   Mr. Weikang Hu, Student, Central China Normal University, Vertical Cross Holding. Co-Author(s): Runyu Tian

62.   Mr. Anurag Buragohain, Student, Dibrugarh University, An assessment of ethical leadership decisions from Internal Stakeholders perspective with special reference to Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited. (BCPL), Assam, India.  

63.   Mr. Yamamo Satrio, Student, Brawijaya University, MANG.ID as Local Brand Marketing Platform for Micro, Small, and Medium Entreprise : Android Application. Co-Author(s): Joshua Lagutan Manullang,  Student; Raditya Hidayat, Student; and Tobing Setyawan, Student

64.   Dr. Mária Bohdalová, Assistant Professor, Comenius University in Bratislava, Consequences of Economic Condition and Monetary Policy for Credit Risk in the USA. Co-Author(s): Martin Pažický

65.   Mr. Muhamad Dzadit Taqwa, Researcher, Universitas Indonesia, The Authority of The House of Representatives in Exercising Right of Inquiry upon Corruption Eradication Commission: Social-Legal Perspective. Co-Author(s): Dr. Fitra Arsil, Lecturer; Yunani Abiyoso, Lecturer

66.   Mrs. Afiya France, Lecturer, The University of the West Indies, Meeting or Missing the Requirements of a Social Model Approach to Mental Disability- An Analysis of the Pertinent Laws of Trinidad And Tobago.  

67.   Mr. Kihyun Kim, PhD Candidate, Kyunghee University, A Study of Local residents’ Exposition Impact Perception and Market Segmentation: a Case of Yeongju. Co-Author(s): Ms. Miseong Kim & Prof. Yoo-Shik Yoon

68.   Mr. Satoshi Momotake, Lecturer, Osaka University of Tourism, The study of the CSV strategy by the small and medium company : Mainly on Industrial agglomerations and foreign currency acquisition.  

69.   Dr. Fitra Arsil, Lecturer, University of Indonesia, The Authority of The Government of Republic of Indonesia to Nullify Local Regulations: Analysis on Constitutional Court decisions. Co-Author(s): William Aditya Sarana

70.   Mrs. Inita Krivasonoka, PhD Student, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Local food procurement tendencies in Latvia.  

71.   Mr. Ufuk Can Aksu, Project Assistant, International Organisation for Migration, Aid Effectiveness on European Refugee Crisis.  

72.   Mr. Abdulkarim Alotaibi, PhD Candidate, Warwick University, Enforcement (Amendment) Act 2017 to the implementation Act 2013 of Saudi Arabia: A Critical Review.  

73.   Mr. Kihyun Kim, Ph.D. Student, Kyunghee University, A Study of Local residents’ Exposition Impact Perception and Market Segmentation: A Case of Yeongju. Co-Author(s): Ms. Miseong Kim; and Prof. Yoo-Shik Yoon