Become a Committee Member

We have announced a Call for Conference Committee Members for International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics & Law (ICTBEL 2014), Annual Conference on International Law, Economics and Politics (ACILEP 2014), as well as Annual Conference on Intellectual Property and International Law (ACIPIL 2014).  A Call for Editorial Board Members for International Journal on Trade, Business, Economics and Law (IJTBEL 2014) E-Journal is also open.  You are welcome to apply by filling in the form below.  You may be asked to review up to three (3) abstracts during the abstract reviewing period and two (2) papers during the paper reviewing period.

FLE Learning will award your contribution to the Conference by issuing a certificate and will attribute public acknowledgments by publishing your name in the List of Reviewers and Editorial Board Members at the website, the Conference Proceedings and E-journal.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!

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